For several years this building stood empty and neglected.

UDA was tasked to do alterations and additions within the constraints of the existing building to create a medical centre for Frail Care and Assisted living.  Originally a facility for mental health inpatient treatment and addiction treatment was envisaged and planned for, but was omitted halfway thru the building process.

View from South West.

Similar current view from ground level, showing some of the additions into the gap of the building, as shown above.  CSV Construction will be completing the building by the end of June 2018.



This house is interesting because it occupies two worlds. As it is situated in the Winelands Residential Estate it had to comply with the Provençal style architecture that the estate adheres to. Our client wanted a contemporary home however.

We decided to use the fall of the site, which slopes away from the internal road to achieve two experiential and living  planes. One at street level and one underground on the street side, but open to the valley to the South. The upper is Provençal and the lower is contemporary. The two worlds are connected by a glass lift in a stone vestibule that opens onto an indoor planted courtyard and a lily pond on the lower level.

We placed the foyer and two children’s bedrooms on the street level and used the Provençal style to address the street, but the main house and the 300m2 garage were placed under ground (a slab with gardens and a solar plant on top). We cut holes in the slab to let light into the gardens and pools on the lower level around which the main living spaces gather. Two worlds in one with nature and light as the main features.
If you are interested to see how it turned out watch the video below.

By Andrew Horne (Managing Director)